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Handmade Naturals is a family owned and run company. The passion and energy behind the brand is Rossi. It all began back in 2006 when an innocent research into the treatment of her daughter's persistent cradle cap and nappy rash, revealed not only what goes into baby products, but also into the skin care brands used by millions of people every day. After extensive research into natural oils & ingredients Rossi started making her own skin care products at home. Her first face cream - the Balancing Face Cream - quickly transformed her 'problem' skin into healthy, glowing complexion. This cream is still one of our best selling product today! Her daughter's persistent cradle cap and nappy rash disappeared as soon as the chemical ladden products were replaced with 100% natural soap and the magically healing 'Bottom Dream' balm. This is how the Handmade Naturals brand was born - out of a passion for healthy skin & body and a recognition that most high street brands contain chemicals and additives which can be potentially very harmful. The brand quickly established an online presence with a loyal customer base. It took a few years of hard work, listening to all customer feedback, suggestions and recommendations, to develop all the exciting products part of our range today enabling you to care for your skin & hair without using toxic chemicals! We don't support animal testing! We are a certified Cruelty Free Skin Care Range. Prior to being included in the range, every single product is tried & tested by us, family and friends. All ingredients are sourced to comply with our 'natural only' standards from suppliers who do not support animal testing and where possible the ingredients are organic or at least fairly traded. To meet with the current UK and EU Cosmetics Products Regulations, all Handmade Naturals products have passed a Safety Assessment by an independent laboratory.

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