• 9°KINKA N 3D Gold Sakura Moist Mask x (3pcs/box )
  • 9°KINKA N 3DGold Matcha Moist Mask (3pcs/box)
  • 9°KINKA Gold Moist Mask (3pcs/box)

The harmony of gold and cherry blossoms. Gold leaf keeps the skin moisturized and improves elasticity. Three types of cherry blossom extracts has good anti-inflammatory effect and provides glowing complexion.

Contains organic extracts of Uji matcha and tea leaves for firm and translucent and healthy skin. Contains an extract using cucumbers from Ishikawa prefecture. Excellent moisturizing and skin tightening action leads to healthy skin. Mugwort leaf extract and perilla extract solves the skin troubles of those who are prone to inflammation.​


9°KINKA Gold Moist Mask 3pcs/box

Filled with 23ml of moisturizing essence per sheet, this ultra-moisturizing mask is infused with rare apple stem cell extract that helps fight signs of aging and return elasticity to the skin.This powerful ingredients helps to reverse the negative effects of enviromental factors on the skin by the reativation of cellular processes that have slowed down with age. Also contains wild thyme extract, a powerful antioxidant as well as a natural solution for oily skin and clogged pores. Penetrates the layers of the skin and accelerates cell metabolism to fight against free radicals. Also contains hyaluronic acid and plant extracts to deeply moisturize and delay skin aging resulting in flawless skin.

- Paraben-free - Fragrance-free - No colouring -


SET ✨🌸 🍵 9°KINKA Mask Symphony

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