Natural ORANGE BLOSSOM (Neroli) FACE TONER, 100ml - Paraben & Alcohol Free

Natural Orange Blossom (Neroli) Face Toner


A by product of the distillation of neroli essential oil from the blossoms of the bitter orange Citrus aurantium amara plant. Its aroma is deeply floral and citrusy, with a hint of wildness.

◆ Super cellular regeneration effects on skin, improve micro-circulation
◆ Renowned for soothing, softening and hydrating properties, giving radiance to the skin
◆ Prevent the appearance of dark spots,diminishing the look of under-eye circles. and naturally brighten the skin
◆ Help cleanse and minimizes the appearance of pores, smoothing skin's appearance and 
◆ Reputed to be useful in the treatment of all sorts of dermatitis, with calming effect on skin irritations and sunburn, natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties make it ideal for oily and blemished skin
◆ Nourishing and hydrating, ideal for mature, sensitive, weather-damaged and thread vein skin
◆ All HMN floral toners are free from alcohol, perfume, preservatives and synthetic additives
◆ Absolutely no petroleum jelly, no parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol or SLS/SLES/ALS, chemical ingredients, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.
◆ No animal testing (Cruelty Free).
◆ Made with recyclable packaging.

Skin type:    For all skin types, specially for sensitive / mature skin

Net Weight:  100ml

Pure orange blossom hydrolat

Use as Toner over the face and pat to absorb when necessary, or spray toner onto a clean cloth or cotton pad and gently wipe over face and neck to cleanse and refresh when necessary. Can also be apply to body if necessary.

Apply to the face after cleansing but before applying serum and moisturiser.


英國手工匠心製造 - 天然煥肌橙花露水 100ml (不含酒精和對羥基苯甲酸酯)


苦橙柑桔類植物的花朵中的橙花精油蒸餾的副產物。 它的香氣是深深的花香和柑橘味,帶有淡淡的芳香。


◆ 增強肌膚細胞活力及再生能力,改善循環
◆ 助軟膚及抗敏, 迅速補充水份,回復光澤及明亮
◆ 助去除黑色素,減淡眼圈,具天然美白功效
◆ 收斂性花水 ,助清潔毛孔,減細毛孔,非常適合成熟、老化、敏感肌和油性和有瑕疵
◆ 天然抗菌,消炎,抗敏
◆ 不含酒精,香料,防腐劑和合成添加劑。
◆ 所有露水不含酒精,香料,防腐劑和合成添加劑。
◆ 絕不含凡士林,對羥基苯甲酸酯,鄰苯二甲酸鹽,SLS/SLES/ALS,化學成分,防腐劑,人造色素或香精
◆ 不進行動物測試
◆ 採用可回收包裝

適用於: 任何肌膚,尤其敏感性、成熟性肌膚

淨重:    100ml


可於早晚潔面後,直接噴於面上,輕拍至吸收; 或需要時噴於乾淨毛巾或化妝棉並輕抹於面上及頸部。潔面後、精華素及面霜前使用。如需要時也可用於身體的肌膚。


HN Face Toner [ Orange Blossom - Neroli ]

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