• DE12 Caviar DNA Extract 5ml x4
  • DE17Ceramide Extract 5ml x4
  • DE39 Apple Stem Cell Extract 5ml x4
  • Skin Awake 120ml  x1
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DE12 Caviar DNA Extract


DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is a hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms. DNA is located in the cell nucleus, which enhances the growth of skin cells and protein synthesis. It contains antioxidant, growth factor, vitamin and amino acid. It is an important active substance that contains our genetic patrimony that is all the information needed by the organism to develop and function correctly. However, as we age, our skin metabolism slows down and collagen depreciates. Combined with the environmental pollution and stress, these factors accelerate the aging of the skin.


Caviar DNA Extract contains highly concentrated extract from salmon caviar, which contains similar DNA to that of human skin cells. It can thus be easily absorbed. This precious extract can promote normal dermal cell growth effectively, repair damaged cells and at the same time fight against free radicals. It can effectively improve fine lines and restore firmness. Its great repairing ability relieves and lightens dark circles, leaving your eye contour and skin looking bright and alive.


DE17 Ceramide Extract


Ceramide is a major component between the skin cells. It enhances self-protective and self-hydration ability of skin cells. It shields the skin against external harms such as UV, pollution as well as change in humidity and temperature.

As we age, gradual loss of ceramide causes our skin become rough, dehydrated and dull.


Ceramide molecules can penetrate into epidermis and form a protective shield to prevent loss of moisture and lock it in between skin cells. It can effectively refine pores and improve structure of cornified cells, hence restores skin suppleness and resilience. The natural active ingredient abstracted from chamomile is also effective in skin repairing.


DE39 Apple Stem Cell Extract


The human stem cells in skin are the important element to maintain healthy and youthful skin. However, the number of skin stem cells decreases as we age, resulting in skin aging. Therefore, a substitute to human stem cells is needed for anti-aging therapy.
In 18th-century Switzerland, a rare type of apple called Uttwiler Spätlaube was cultivated. It was known for its remarkably long shelf-life. Research has proven that those apples contain highly active plant stem cells, with plenty of nutrients and protein. Scientists extracted the stem cells from the fruit, and discovered that the apple stem cells, like human stem cells, have the ability to regenerate new cells and repair damaged cells, which help inhibit skin aging, restoring suppleness of skin.


Apple Stem Cell Extract contains Argireline, which has the similar effect to Botox, inhibiting the reactions that cause muscles to move or contract, and thus reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines formed by facial expressions. It can penetrate into the epidermis easily, prevent damage of collagen and elastin, and thus inhibit skin aging.


Skin Awake


It has been proven by research that plant stem cells are very similar to human skin stem cells. They have an astonishing ability to regenerate, which can promote regeneration and repair. Skin Awake contains precious stem cell content extracted from roses. With our exclusive plant stem cells gene transfer technology, the most active rose stem cells are preserved, replicated and proliferated. Each drop of rose stem cells extract contains 2 million rose stem cells, which can strengthen and activate the skin’s self-regenerating function, providing unlimited vitality, and restoring the youthful glow.


Refreshes and Soothes, Activates the Skin’s Absorption Ability
Skin Awake is moisturizing but not greasy. It balances skin pH and soothes irritation after cleansing. It helps remove residual dirt, makeup, and metal and chloride in tap water. It moisturizes stratum corneum cells to prepare skin to receive the maximum benefits of skincare routine. It can also strengthen the skin’s immune system, improve the natural moisturizing ability, prevents the from drying out, and reduces the appearance of fine lines, and is effective in improving rough skin texture and dull complexion, restoring softness to the skin. It fights free radicals and delays cell aging. Its natural rose fragrance can help relieve emotional stress.

DermaElements Youthful Skin and Smart Eye Coffret

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  • EXTRACTS After cleansing, apply 1 to 2 ml over the whole face. Massage with palm in an upward circular motion. Use every morning and evening.


    SKIN AWAKE After cleansing in the morning and evening, and prior to applying other skincare products, apply an appropriate amount with cotton pads onto the face and neck. Follow by skincare routine.