The Absolute Essentials oils are obtained by enfleurage, a very complicated and careful method which requires a large qualtity of flowers to make just a few drops. Hence, their properties are much more powerful than essential oils and penetrate deep into the body and mind.

The best product for calming and soft skincare, especially for dry and sensitive skin. It is a natural anti-wrinkle that enhances the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which are responsible for keeping the skin elastic and smooth.       

Blend 1 or 2 drops into a vegetable basis for face massage or just apply one drop on the sun plexus in order to enjoy its therapeutic properties.

Bulgarian Rose absolute is the  crown jewel of essential oils. Obtained from the most sublime, pure, and powerful rose: the Damascus Rose of Bulgaria.

Its mysticism is born from its scarcity: to obtain a kilo of this powerful elixir it takes 5000 kilos of fresh petals, collected using the traditional technique of enfleurage. This method consists of subjecting the flower petals to a gentle maceration that expertly preserve its exquisite essence, ensuring purity and very potent active ingredients. With enfleurage we can offer you the purest essence of all Bulgarian Roses, the Absolute. A single drop of this elixir contains the heart and soul of 30 different roses hand-picked at dawn.

Upon contact with your skin it begins to exert its balancing and regenerating effects, even on highly sensitive or eczema and acne-prone skin. . You’ll notice results in just a few days. It provides a silky softness to the skin, and is a very powerful anti-wrinkle agent.

Its therapeutic properties are endless. As it caresses the skin on the first application, its sublime aroma gives you a feeling of joy and well-being, as it’s reinvigorating and aphrodisiac properties help you come alive. Bulgarian Rose is like a friend’s embrace: its aroma envelops you to comfort and revive you. It also aids with menstrual and uterine problems.






9°CV [ Bulgarian Rose Absolutes 保加利亞玫瑰原精油 ]

  • Use any time of the day. We recommend diluting with a carrier oil (1 or 2 drops mixed with a carrier oil) and applied in a gentle massage.

    You can also apply an undiluted drop to the solar plexus (located in the pericardium, between the navel and the heart, under the breasts and just under the point at the the ‘V’ of the ribs).

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